Egnana is a learning platform designed to provide students, teachers, parents, management & administrators with a Unified, robust, secure and integrated system to create learning environments as required by each stakeholder.

A virtual learning environment specifically for K–12 schools. It’s a unique all-in-one learning management system, portal and intranet. Egnana is SaaS (Software as a Service) / Cloud based application available on both web & mobile platforms.

Is The Platform Shared With Other Schools?

No, platform is setup exclusively for your school with branding & customization. No data or information is shared with other school setup.

What Is Cloud-Based Egnana Platform?

It is a learning management platform built & managed by us remotely at our data center. It has been specifically designed for schools to provide virtual learning environment for blended learning at school with pre-built school curriculum & ready-to-use content. For more information, see here. Teachers & students will be able to access the platform over the internet from anywhere, anytime & any device.

How Do I Use This Cloud-Based Platform At My School?

There are multiple ways to implement Egnana at your school including blended learning, centralizing study material, ebooks, quizzes, assignments, gamification, notifications, sharing supplementary videos/exercises (Khan Academy, YouTube, etc) to students. In addition, students can discuss, collaborate, exchange information with teacher & other students in the class through forums, blogs, wiki, etc.

Is There A Limitation With Respect To Number Of Users Who Can Use The Platform?

Yes, it depends on your subscription plan. For example, if you are subscribing for 500 users(students), upto 500 users can use the platform.

None Of These Plans Suit Our Requirements. What Can I Do?

No problem. Contact us through our form, we will work with you to build platform based on your requirement.

What Do You Mean By Custom Branding?

Custom branding means changing the look & feel of LMS website like logo, header, footer, front-page, color scheme , etc based on your school requirement.

What Kind Of Training Is Included In The Plan?

Training will be around Egnana LMS basics & how to use Egnana in a blended learning setup (student/teacher/manager), etc. You can decide what kind of training your school needs based on training hour credits in your plan. If you need additional hours of training outside the plan, we can provide that for a reasonable fee.

How Will The Training Be Provided?

All training will be through webinars. For schools in Bangalore, we may be able to come down to your school for training. If your school is outside Bangalore & looking for in-person training, travel cost may need to be borne by the school.

What Are Subject Templates?

Subject templates are pre-built curriculum created mapping to all subjects of CBSE & ICSE curriculum. This is to help teachers get started with the platform without having to create these manually from scratch. However, teacher will have the flexibility add/modify the templates based on school’s requirement.

My School Does Not Follow cbse/Icse Curriculum. Can You Build Subject Templates For Our Curriculum?

No problem. We can build subject templates for you based on your curriculum free of cost.

What Are Quizzes?

Quizzes are objective type questions categorized at chapter & concept level for Math, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) & English Grammar. Teachers can use these for assessing the students or let students practice on their own.

Does LMS Platform Provide Access To Any E-Books?

We have built an integrated tool with chapter-wise links to NCERT e-books. Teachers/students can use this tool as required.

Our School Is Outside India. Can I Still Subscribe To These Plans?

Yes, go ahead & sign up. Pricing may not differ much. In any case, we will let you know in advance.

How Long Does It Take To Provide Access To Platform Once I Subscribe?

Base platform will be ready within 5 business days. Time taken for branding customization will depend how soon you provide requested information.

Do You Offer Any Assistance For Importing Curriculum & Student/Teacher Data Into The Lms Platform For Our School?

Platform comes with basic blended learning setup with ready-to-use content. For your specific school data, we will guide you through the process to help you get started. In case you have complex requirement or external integration, you can avail our consulting services for a reasonable fee.

What Is Covered In The 24×7 Support?

Support covers platform support, software updates, technical support, LMS support, & assistance. You can contact us through e-mail, support portal or phone.

Do I Need A Dedicated Team At School To Manage This Lms Platform?

It depends on the how actively & deeply your school wants to integrate blending learning into the curriculum. In most cases, teacher & non-editing teacher can manage on their own at the subject level. You may need part-time manager to co-ordinate & oversee LMS platform as a whole. We can help you with roles & responsibilities of your team based on our experiences & best practices.

Egnana Overview